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King Rock Boutique Hotel & Residence is designed with clear vision for the property emphasized the essential need for a luxury modern style and colonial in Siem Reap - one that both inspired and excited the modern millennial traveler. King Rock which blends the traditional elements of design with contemporary with intimate yet inviting, vibrant yet tranquil. The name is inspired by the mighty temples in Angkor ruins and greatness reputation and that are base in Siem Reap which struggling came across the last period of Angkor Empire. King Rock Boutique & Residence is about an easy, timeless elegance that fuses a taste for modern conveniences and technology with deference to culture and heritage.

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Spa & Steam

After visiting and climbing the temples nothing is better than reducing your muscular pains. Thanks to the massage with essential oil!...

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Romantic Dinner

Celebrate a love story as timeless as King Rock itself, in the historic city of Angkor. Create beautiful, romantic and passionate memories in the embracing luxury...



King Rock restaurant is offering you with selection different tastes. You will discover a selection of Cambodian, Asian and Western dishes....

Wat Damnak Road, Sala Kamreuk Commune, Siem Reap City, Kingdom of Cambodia

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